December 15, 1998 • New Replica of Boll Weevil Monument Unveiled During Christmas Parade

A new polymer resin composite replica of the monument was unveiled after being created by Mark Spence of Dothan. In a stroke of good luck, the replica was possible because the mold made by Ken English was still available. The unveiling ceremony was held in conjunction with the Christmas Parade of that year. As theContinue reading “December 15, 1998 • New Replica of Boll Weevil Monument Unveiled During Christmas Parade”

December 11, 1994 • Boll Weevil Monument 75th Anniversary

The 75th Anniversary celebration featured music from the Enterprise High School Band and Choir, “The Little Weevil” skit performed by children, speeches, anniversary cake, and presentation of the new 75th Anniversary Boll Weevil Monument Flag. J. Frank McGill, professor of agronomy at the University of Georgia, was the featured speaker. (The Enterprise Ledger, December 11,Continue reading “December 11, 1994 • Boll Weevil Monument 75th Anniversary”

December 9, 1989 • Boll Weevil Monument 70th Anniversary

The 70th Anniversary of the Boll Weevil Monument included a re-enactment of the original dedication. Marjorie Bagwell, the Peanut Queen for the 1919 event, and R. O. Fleming, brother of the 1919 Cotton King, were in attendance. The OSCAR Club organized the event. (The Enterprise Ledger, December 10, 1989)  

July 4, 1982 • Enterprise Celebrates City’s Centennial

Enterprise, not the Boll Weevil Monument, was being celebrated on the City’s Centennial anniversary; however, the Monument was the center of attention of the downtown festivities. The Lady stood tall above the amusements—from the sublime (music) to the ridiculous (spitting contests)—taking place on the street immediately below her. (The Enterprise Ledger, July 4, 1982)

November 6, 1981 • New Improvements Added to Boll Weevil Monument

Mayor G. C. (Don) Donaldson, City Clerk Carl Griffin, Councilmen Billy Bishop and John Lester and staff of the City Engineering Department gathered to officially herald the new additions to the Boll Weevil Monument. There was no public celebration. Improvements, supervised by Griffin, included returning elements that were part of the original monument: a fountainContinue reading “November 6, 1981 • New Improvements Added to Boll Weevil Monument”