Coffee County Arts Alliance

Various performances throughout the year featuring professional artists, symphonies, choirs, plays, and other types of entertainment geared for all ages and cultures.  Please visit website for current schedule.

Enterprise Civic Center

Opened in 2010, this state-of-the-art center houses various performances, meetings, and events throughout the year.  Please call for a detailed schedule.

Performing Arts Center

Opened in May, 2011, this state-of-the-art center houses various performances and events throughout the year, including plays, ballets, and musical performances, just to name a few!  Please call for a detailed schedule. (Attached to the Enterprise High School)

SEADs to Grown Youth Art

SEADs to Grow Youth Art is a brand new attraction in Downtown Enterprise, brought to you by the Sunrise Enterprise Rotary Club.  SEADS, Sunrise Enterprise Art Downtown, will officially launch October 22nd, 2011. This collection of art will be featured on local Downtown business buildings in the form of cling on displays furnished by the program. The original artwork is provided by local art students, and features art of all age groups. All proceeds benefit the City of Enterprise School System Art Programs.  Featured painting will switch quarterly, so please visit again soon!

Featured Painting: Upside Down

About the Artist: Elizabeth Baker is a student at College Street Elementary School. She loves to play soccer and go fishing with her dad. She says that her favorite thing in the world is art time with her mom. “I like science but art is way more fun because it is okay to get all messy in art class.” Elizabeth wants to be a college teacher college when she grows up.

About the Art: The original is oil on un-stretched canvas.  “I call this painting upside down because it shows something normal in a way we never see it. It is fun to see things different, like when you hang upside down from the swing set the trees look like they are growing out of the sky.” -Elizabeth Baker

To purchase the original:

Current Bid: $8.00            To place a bid: Click here

Purchase a reproduction of this art work: Click here

$8.00 printing, $8.00 Shipping and handling

100% of the proceeds go to support this project and the Enterprise City Schools Art Program

Southern Broadway

Best known for the up and coming play “The Depot” (July, 2011), Southern Broadway has been attracting audiences for years with their captivating performances.  Dinner theatres production of “Confederate Letters” scheduled in the fall.  Call for group pricing.

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